Address to the President
Dear Mr. President,

As a businessman from the border village of Shafaq in Goranboy region and head of «Ağ Naftalan» LLC, I would like to note that the decision to issue licenses in a centralized order is an important step towards the development of entrepreneurship in the Republic. During this period, we acquired three licenses. Among them, there is a license for the production of naftalan-containing medicines. I can say that the licensing process is run very accurately and transparently.

Dear Mr. President, considering the support provided, our team will strive for the further development and strengthening of the Republic and prosperity of national economy. We express our gratitude for the conditions created for the development of entrepreneurship in the country, and wish you strong health and every success in your activities.

Yours faithfully,
V. Zamanov
Republic of Azerbaijan, Goranboy district, Shafaq village

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