Medical treatment

The essence of bio-physiological properties of "White Naftalan" is vasodilatation, increased perceptive ability of skin pores, increased muscle functions, normalization of acid-base balance, improved metabolism, strengthened musculoskeletal system, lowered blood pressure, increased protective functions of the organism, and vital anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.
Modern naftalan-therapy involves treatment of more than 70 diseases through the use of "White Naftalan". Fields of medicine, characterized by the successful use of white naftalan oil, are listed below: urology, angiology, neurology, dermatology, gynecology, otolaryngology, arthrology, physical therapy, pain therapy, hydrotherapy, massage therapy, rehabilitation and others.
"White Naftalan” is a real godsend for surgeons, trauma surgeons and dermatologists. Thanks to this oil, they can carry out the treatment of wounds and cuts without a frequent change of dressings and devoid irritating crusts. The “secret” is complete absence of resin and tannic compounds in this oil, that, in turn, does not dirty dressings and the wound itself. Also, using ”White Naftalan” doctors are able to study in detail the process of formation of a crust on the wound and its further scarring, and then provide the most effective course of treatment.
Appearance patients (face, skin, and other visible body parts), taking “White Naftalan” does not undergo changes (unlike to the effects of black naftalan oil).
"White Naftalan" softens and smoothes the skin, giving it a more aesthetic appearance, and eliminates traces of scars and cuts. The look and smell of "White Naftalan" allows to put it on any surface on the body at any time you want.
Analgesic, anti-histamines, desensitizing and anti-inflammatory properties of "White Naftalan" imply its effective use in skin diseases and subcutaneous tissue disorders, such as psoriasis, eczema, frostbite, burns, boils, scleroderma, decubitus, trophic wounds, keratoderma, ichthyosis, osteomyelitis, neurodermatitis, dyshydrosis, chronic epidermis, post-burn keloid scars, etc.
Treatment of rheumatic diseases of muscles and joints is one of the unique properties of "White Naftalan", which stimulates regeneration of bone tissues, improves blood circulation, reduces pain, normalizes the composition of blood and urine disordered during rheumatisms, infectious arthritis, gonorrhea, traumatic chase and muscular rheumatism.
Stimulating and physical effect of "White Naftalan" has a positive effect on the adaptive mechanism of the body and increases its reserving ability, which, in turn, improves blood circulation and oxygen intake, eliminates hypoxia, reduces the deleterious effects sympathoadrenal reaction has on the cardiovascular system. These changes slow down atherosclerotic and degenerative processes in organs and tissues, strengthen the body's defense mechanism, eliminate arthritis and arthrosis, cure Bechterew’s, Burger’s and Reynaud’s diseases (soft tissue diseases).
The combined use of naftalan with iodine-bromine and other physiotherapeutic treatments (massage, physiotherapy) makes treatment more effective and promising. Taking iodine-bromine baths alongside with “White Naftalan” wields a positive effect on the central nervous system.
Treatment of gynecological diseases and disorders of urinary-genital tract is mainly carried out in cases of salpingoophoritis, perisalpingitis, residua, endocervicitis, oligo-amenorrhea and partial functionality of the ovaries. The function which improves blood circulation, as well as neurotrophic and analgesic properties of "White Naftalan" are reflected in the anti-inflammatory and absorbable impact on the pelvic organs, the gradual healing of fertility of I and II degrees, and effective treatments of prostatitis, urethritis and male infertility.
Chronic gastrointestinal diseases - such as hyperacid and hypoacid catarrh, spastic colitis, constipation and hemorrhoids - are also curable by means of "White Naftalan". Treatment results offer the absence of blood in the stool, resolution of wounds and scars, increased amount of urine, cessation of bleeding hemorrhoid bumps and knots, and normalization of intestines’ work.
In addition to the successful application in the treatment of peripheral nervous system diseases (such as trigeminal neuralgia, intercostal neuralgia, traumatic neuritis), "White Naftalan" offers the healing of chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, radiculitis, and the consequences of brain and spinal cord injuries. The effect reflects a maximal decrease in the pain, recovered functions and sensitivity of injured organs, normalized reflexes, and stabilized muscle tone.
"White Naftalan" is also applicable in the treatment of ENT disorders (sinusitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, rhinitis, mastoid wounds). Its utilization during conjunctivitis reduces the redness and eliminates inflammatory processes, and that during alveolar piorrea eliminates purulent bleeding, strengthens oral cavity and eliminates the pain.
One of the features differentiating “White Naftalan” oil received via the white naftalan baths, from a black one is that the application of white naftalan does not necessitate immediate washout, as it can remain on a body for rather a long period of time without any feeling of discomfort.
Vertical white naftalan cabins, implying the on-the-spot use of “White Naftalan” and functioning on the basis of the principle of atomization under pressure, offer oil- and time-saving in the therapeutic and prophylactic treatments through the use of the method of pressure spraying, as well as individual approach with respect to each patient, in which one uses oil, allotted personally for him/her, in conditions which do not consider re-use (abidance of the single-use principle is a must).
Vacuum-packed gauze swabs sodden with “White Naftalan” are highly practical. Treatment can be started simply by applying a swab on the affected area of skin.
Compact cylinders filled with "White Naftalan" can be utilized anytime and anywhere. These balloons can be used also by veterinarians faced with diseases such as scab. It largely meets modern requirements.
Another interesting feature of "White Naftalan" is its use as a cosmetic product for smoothing the skin. Creams containing white naftalan oil in the proportions of 70%, 12%, 10% and 5% are a true novelty!